Mark's kid needs training!

This story was (mostly) generated by ChatGPT, with some slight edits by me, but I had to put it here because it is a really exciting one. You should probably read it to understand the stuff after.

Mark was a smart child who had been accepted to a prestigious private school. But the school was located on the other side of the city, and he had to find a way to get there on time every day. He was a bit of an adventurer, so he decided to take the most thrilling route available: Parkour.

Every morning, Mark would wake up early and make his way up to the sky, jumping from block to block as he made his way across the city. He was always careful and precise, making sure to always land on his feet and never miss a single jump.

As he made his way to school, Mark felt a sense of accomplishment and pride in his abilities. He was able to make it from his home to the school in record time, often beating even the school bus.

The other students were amazed when they heard about Mark’s daily journey, and some even asked if they could join him for the ride. Mark was happy to share his secret and soon, he had a regular group of parkour enthusiasts heading to school with him every day.

Mark was proud of his accomplishment and soon became well-known in the city as a talented parkour athlete. He even started to give lessons to other kids interested.

Anyway, now, Mark has grown up, and he has a youth of his own. Your job is to train him. If you don’t, he will stay like this forever:

Doesn’t this guy look so sad? To keep him happy, train him on this Repl!


Wow, I really love the lore behind it!

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