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Bug description:
Yesterday I have tried to use the markdown tool to check the look of the md files on my project, but when I open the markdown tool it stuck on loading state.

Bug appears at this link:

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:

Browser/OS/Device: Chrome Version 117.0.5938.150 (Official Build) (64-bit)/Windows 11 64bit/HP Probook 450 G9

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Do you have a Markdown file open?

Yes, it was working like a month ago, I know how it works. After recent updates I see a lot of bugs:

  • screen preloader image (invisible HTML element) on prevents the use of the page
  • I cant scroll this page (the page where I see your reply) with my mouse, I have used the TAB button to scroll up and down (pageup pagedown buttons doesnt work as well)

Anyway, I wanted to report this kind of stuff so they may solve them, I am IT student and I dont think the problem is on my side, but if you dont see these problems on your chrome browser (it may not be the case on other platforms) please let me know.


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looks like there could be a network issue, perhaps a slow/faulty IT filtering proxy, which also prevents the markdown files from loading? Are there any errors reported in the Console (CtrlShiftJ) while viewing these pages? I’ve tried now and never experienced any of these issues, and I’m using Edge Dev plus the desktop app on Windows 11.
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No there is no console error when I open the markdown tool, but there is a 204 response in Network tab that I see each time I reopen the markdown tool.

Hope it helps!

I have just realized the preview button appears on the right side of “tab header” when I open a .md file. It works when I open the same .md file twice and put one of them in preview mode and edit the text on other. It may sound silly but I didn’t understand the purpose of that eye icon at first so it might be good if it’s mentioned in first-use tutorial.

Anyway, my problem is solved, I have another problem about python version but I think it is not related and someone might want to edit my message like the recent one so I will write it in another report.

Thanks for your time and effort @QwertyQwerty88 @UMARismyname <3

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