Markdown not loading

I could not reproduce the issue even when copying the same environment as the Repl that didn’t work. Can you send me a screenshot of what the student sees when they enter the Repl? If they see an instructions icon in the tools section, they can open the instructions tab from there.

When you have a markdown file open for editing (say for example) and then you click the “Markdown” button in the Tools section, it would always open the preview in a new tab. Now it just does this:


Edit (further context): This would allow for editing and previewing side-by-side. You can still preview the markdown by pressing the preview button:

But that stops you from being able to edit it at the same time.

Thank you for the context! I was able to reproduce the issue when using the Markdown tool. The tool itself appears to be broken since the behavior is the same on all Repls. I will send this to the team and will follow up once I have an update!

while you wait for the tool to be fixed…

Yes true - thanks! I was hastily trying to give context. But 100% you are correct, you can just open it a second time. Thanks!

Hey all!

We believe this issue has been resolved as we are no longer able to reproduce it.

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