Markdown: How do I add color to keywords inside of paragraphs?

Adding color to my paragraphs in Markdown in a Java repl

I was wondering how colour is added in markdown. It does not appear to be a feature in the Replit implementation. Markdown also doesn’t support HTML embedding, so I can’t do it that way. (I just entered some code here using a “span” tag which does not show up on the preview, but is standard HTML 5).

Other problems are that I can’t seem to change fonts, read HTML files, or change the size of images within Markdown, due in some part to its lack of support of embedded HTML, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it from Markdown itself, despite there being many suggestions from elsewhere on the web.

Why not give me the option to code my student instructions about Java entirely in HTML?

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There is no way to color text in MD without the use of HTML.

And I do not believe there is a way within MD (without HTML) to resize images.

You cant use HTML only since it probably takes longer to render.

To your first point, MD doesn’t have all that much HTML support. I’ve tried it. It either explicitly echoes your HTML command, or when the HTML syntax doesn’t show, it doesn’t do anything.

There are ways in other MD implementations to support image resizing, it’s just that Replit doesn’t have that support.

To your last point, HTML is wholly supported in Replit, just not in my environment, which is Java. MD is supported, but while HTML files are maybe loaded into the editor, but there is no rendering. I found that out when I ran JavaDoc on some Java code, and while I got tons of HTML files, Replit does nothing with them. I had to move the documentation to another website for it to be visible.