Markdown Extended Syntax & LaTeX Support

I’ve been looking at the Markdown Cheat Sheet referenced in the Lesson Authoring section of the Replit Docs as I’ve been trying to make my instructions more and more elaborate. Which parts of the Extended Syntax does Replit support? I’ve gotten tables and code blocks to work, but not subscripts or superscripts.

In that vein, does anyone have any suggestions for formatting equations in the instructions? I know there’s ways to use LaTeX in Markdown, but Replit doesn’t seem to currently support that.

Replit supports most MD and a few HTML tags. Since there is no good way to format equations to my knowledge I would suggest just using images for that.

Hi @d.r.seagal if you feel that extending Replit’s currently markdown support would be useful please let them know by clicking on share feedback within Replit

Thanks @IanAtReplit I’ll do that. In the meantime it’d still be nice to have a complete list of MD syntax supported by Replit so I know what’s available for me to use instead of finding out the hard way.

Hi @d.r.seagal which part of the cheat sheet did you find wasn’t supported?

HI @IanAtReplit, here’s a rundown of all the Extended Syntax


Here are the ones that work [1]

Tables Work
Just Fine
# Fenced Code Blocks work
print("Hello world!")

Strikethrough doesn’t does work

Determine if Task Lists work
Contemplate why it doesn’t need the leading dash like the guide claims
Unlock the secrets of the universe!

Emojis work :unamused: … and will autocomplete for you :open_mouth:

Doesn’t Work

: An element of Extended Syntax not currently supported.

Highlighting ==very important words== HTML mark tags work

tag~subscript~ although HTMLtags do work

Same^thing^ with superscript, needs to be an HTMLtag

  1. Footnotes also work ↩︎

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Thank you so much for this @d.r.seagal I liked how you laid out that response!

The three which don’t work have HTML tags which do the same thing so (I suspect) that’s why they haven’t been implemented however I will ask the team if they can give the definitive answer and ask if there are any future plans to extend Markdown support further.

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