'mark lesson as complete' button missing


I’m on day 85 of the 100 days of code and I just noticed the ‘Mark lesson as complete’ button (usually on the top right) is missing. Also the tools section of the sidebar (lower left of screen) is blank.

See screenshot for details of both:

Not sure if I have messed up something, but any help is appreciated!


Welcome to the community! We are aware that the tools are all missing. So far, no staff or moderators have responded.

Thanks! I’m sure they’ll fix it soon. I was wondering if I had broken something myself, but I guess not.

The button should be back now.

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Yes it is. Thanks for the replies, folks!

Please mark an answer here as the solution so the thread can close.
Happy to help!

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Thanks for highlighting this! Hopefully you shouldn’t be experiencing any problems with this now.