Manually indent code?

In my opinion you don’t need to indent at all but that’s just me :man_shrugging:

For readability, you really need to use some indentation, just click auto format and forget about it.


Yeah, that’s what I do, Replit kind of just indents for me so my code looks half decent. I can’t recall using tabs or space at all.


I’m sorry, but what? No indentation?


Does that always work though?

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Depends on the IDE, language and if you made mistakes in the code …


Yeah, because I never really got used to pressing the tab key, I eventually became dependent on auto-indentation. Thankfully, many IDEs like VSCode (and Replit) do this for you.

An essential thing that coding classes should teach you is indentation: I haven’t taken a class (my class is still on ping pong games on Scratch) which teaches you text-based coding, other than HTML and a sprinkle of CSS and no indentation or formatting tips were taught. (not like Scratch tells you to indent soo)

Can’t indent a block amiright?

Select the block of code you wanna indent and press tab

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In scratch? i didnt know you could indent scratch blocks

  1. bruh my draft was deleted so i have to retype this
  2. qwerty was probably talking about a text of code, because afaik scratch doesn’t have code you can indent at all lol. Maybe in Scratch 4, I’ve seen “leaks” (note the quotations) that show a text-based edit that can turn into a block code editor (kinda like The same leaks showed a much nicer UI, more cloud variables, and a nicer commenting area and more. I don’t know how real this is but it’s something to wait for. I saw this a year back (dunno where) and they never really talked about when it was released…

Whoops. Didn’t realize you were talking about scratch.

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I wish Replit’s worked better


This is why I do:

poetry add black && black .
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You… you… you don’t indent your code?!?


I have an idea now hehehehehehe.