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Quick backstory: The school where I teach is a technical high school, and the students in my classes are only at my school for half of the day. The other half, they are at their normal high school where they take academic classes.

Our school gives each student their own Google account within our school domain. When I had my students signup for their Replit account, I had them choose “Continue with Google” and enter their Google account info for my school. When they log in while on the computers in my classroom, there’s no issue because they’re already logged in to Chrome. All they do is choose “Continue with Google”.

The issue I’m having is for students who have a Chromebook issued to them from their normal high school. These other schools have their devices locked down and they cannot log in or add a Google account from a different domain to the device. So, when the student tries to log into Replit while on their school issued Chromebook by choosing “Continue with Google”, they can’t because their Replit account is for a different school domain. If they try to log in using the email and password from my school, they get the following message:

“Looks like you signed up with google, github. Please log in using google, github or reset your password via

Anyone run across this problem? I’d hate for my students to have to create new accounts and lose any work they’ve already completed.

Hi @tkeenan I had exactly this issue the other week as my class had to use Chromebooks instead of usual PCs. The domain lock was infuriating!

You may have to ask the students to log in (on a PC if you can manage, or for homework?) to their Replit account and then go to account settings and change their email address to the school domain to one that works with their Chromebooks.

This way none of the Repls they created are lost, including any work posted to Teams for Edu.

Perfect. I’ll have her try that!

@IanAtReplit Worked perfectly!

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Amazing! Thank you for letting me know!

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