Making posts wiki and TL3 flair

You could make your original post a wiki.

I admin my ignorance here … how? Looks like today i am learning a lot (match case and how to make a pst into a wiki). nice!

Not until they get TL3 back.

Apparently he just disabled the flair but he still has TL3. Check his badges.

I didn’t know that was possible. Interesting.

Click the 3 dots, then the wrench, then “make wiki”.

what is a flair? and I am not TL3 back yet

Elijah's TL3 Flair

If you can make a wiki you are. But given that you were typing where only TL3+ could type and you still have the badge, I think you might be.

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I do not see wiki … and i do not have the TL3 back yet

Then we need a TL4+ to make it a wiki. BTW as an example I turned off my flair.

This is a bit off-topic, but tbh I don’t like the Trust Level flairs.

Well I am lost. I can only choose the badge (regular of GC). TL3 is something is wither there or not. And i see not wiki probably because I am not TL3 (back) yet

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@whileTRUEpass I just searched through all the TL3s and you are still in the list. You can only make your own posts into wikis at TL3.


Try clicking the 3 dots, then the wrench, then make the post a wiki. Does that work for you?


You can only do it to your own post btw :smiley:

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*unless you’re TL4+, then AFAIK you can do it to anyone’s.


@MattDESTROYER (a TL4) has made someone else’s post a wiki in the past.


That was my point exactly.

@whileTRUEpass did it work?