Making a website live with GoDaddy

Hi there, I am trying to make my code live with a GoDaddy domain. Ive updated the DNS on GoDaddy but still getting a 404 error message on web link. Any suggestions how to solve from Replit? Do I need to deploy with cycles?

Hi @JonColler , welcome to the forums!
You need to link either a CNAME and TXT record, or a A and TXT record.
Hope this helps!

Thanks a lot for the quick reply - I have/had done that, and the webview loads on Replit but when I try the weblink on my browser, I get a 404 Error. Any suggestions?

Hi @JonColler !
It can take up to 2 days to link the domain.

If it still doesn’t link, please tell me! (Post in this topic)
If it links and solves your problem, you can mark the post that has helped you most as a Solution, so people with the same issue can easily find the solution.

I’ve unlinked and relinked, but previously I had it linked for about 2 weeks and still nothing! Will keep this thread posted on attempt 2. Thanks

Replit Staff have said this regarding GoDaddy domains:

Thanks everyone. This was super helpful. I am switching NS to Cloudfare and will keep updated on that in 24-48 hours


** I am still using GoDaddy site but using Cloudflare for NS. Hope that is what you meant?