Making a forum for my team to communicate easier

Hello all, kind of new to coding, and I was wondering how you might go about building a forum (Just a basic starter post, then comment posts below it). I’ve made a chat site before, but it doesn’t save what people say, which makes communication with my team a little difficult.

Any hints/tips, or is there someone who has made a forum repl that I can fork?


I haven’t but first you need to make the problem fullstack which means you need to include something like ruby or nodejs or python etc for backend, and frontend, you can just use HTML,CSS,JS if it’s not really that advanced. Welcome to the community btw. Also, you could post this as a bounty, and I’ll do it.


You could use discourse like these forums lol

welcome to the replit comunity fig510w


Im not entirely sure how that works, I was hoping there’d be a simple answer, like a random HTML tag I insert and it just saves the text to some cloud.

Sorry, I would love to do that but I am unable to make bountys :confused:

Use replit db, assuming you are using a backend

Try GitHub - NodeBB/NodeBB: Node.js based forum software built for the modern web (use version 1, it’ll work well in a repl). I’d be willing to help if you’d like.

What languages are you familiar with using? You can’t save anything on the front end for other users to see, so you will have to have a backend.

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