Making 3d games with Luau and Roblox

Really? I tought Roblox was made using LUA and I saw a LUA template by here.

I don’t know about the platform itself, but IIRC, games on Roblox are made using Luau.



Roblox was not made with Lua. You can code in Luau, which is a superset of Lua, but they don’t let you use some things like io. If you think that Lua has everything you need to make a 3d game out of the box then you are so so wrong. I am like genuinely angry right now that you would think that.

Oh no, I never thought of that. Usually there is multiple steps in doing a game but usually there is always a central language (which envolves most part of the project) and various another things.

A lot of Game engines use LUA as its primary programming language.

I split this into a new topic since we were getting off-topic.

Sorry, I don’t see your point. I was just saying that you can’t make a 3d game with plain Lua. You obviously need a game engine, like Roblox Studio or Core.

My chain of thought was that the person was trying to build part of the project.

I recently start to try to understand the construction of games and some times I use replit just to program pieces of the project to see how it works (like a headless mode). Of course you can’t make something complex as a 3d game with pure code alone that would be insane.

Sorry for getting off-topic!