Makefile for installing multiple programs at once (or separately)

Hi! I’ve wrote my first Makefile:

# PREFIX: sets the installation prefix

.PHONY: install
	cp -nv ./clip-view/ $(PREFIX)/clip-view
	chmod +x $(PREFIX)/clip-view

.PHONY: uninstall
	rm -v $(PREFIX)/clip-view

.PHONY: tests
	env -C md-to-clip bats tests.bats

As I have several Bash scripts to install I wanna Makefile to provide capability to chose what ones to install. What’s the best way to do it? Create boolean-like variables specifying whether to install something or not or create separate script-specific targets like this:

.PHONY: some-script-name-install
	cp -nv ./from/path /to/path
	chmod +x /to/path

and make install target to install everything at once? I am asking from the perspective how traditionally this issue is solved. Another complete different solution is to create makefile-s separately for each Bash script.

The original question is here.