Make the worst website

Replit Creates has started! The first prompt is to make the worst website possible. I love the prompt and was not expecting something like it. Some here may say the design of the forum wins (not going to say names). But it could be a lot worse. Like does not have a dark mode and only a sun mode.
I already have 5 things making it terrible and the text unreadable. I am evil but also genius.

What do you think about it?

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I love these challenges, they are similar to the crazy 8s idea generation exercises I’ve used and taught in the past. It seems strange to be focusing on something awful but actually you sometimes end up with an awesome idea that you would have previously self-edited out!

First ideas from me: maybe a website which has multiple font options but none of them are legible!

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I like the idea. But my way it’s a lot harder to change in inspect element. I even added some small text what happened because if all the things that welder changed.

How about trying to make websites responsive without using bootstrap :joy:

That would make the site better thought.

In my college days I made site in which sections were misplaced when opened on mobile devices and the content made no sense if one would see on mobile. I.e. Until they saw on desktop browsers :joy: it was like unintended cipher.

I gave it a go, thinking what would be the worst HTML tag to start with…

The answer is of course MARQUEE!

Replit Creates 1 Worst Website


Not as bad as mine.

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