Make the Featured page a FYP

Describe your feature request
Trending was pretty cool, you used to actually be able to blow up, until some people, abused the algorithm, and Replit decided to just force all of the trending slots to repls they like… Removing it really removed the dopamine, or fun, from coding, because now there isn’t really anything to work for. You can’t work for cycles as a goal because no one will tip you, and if you didn’t start very early in the Bounties program, no one will hire you. You can’t work for fame, as no matter how many followers you have, (unless you’re PyGrammer5) you’ll still get less than 100 runs and 0 cycles, but I digress.

2 solutions could be to remove the forced repls and allow actual repls to land on trending, or replace it with a more sophisticated for you page, which unlike the one that Replit already has, isn’t based on who you follow, but based on what you like, run, and comment on.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
getting popular again?


I completely agree with this, when I started on Replit I believe this was one huge advantage I had over others and tbh if it weren’t for this, I would never have had the amount of motivation which helped me pursue coding.


Can’t site moderators manually promote repls to trending?

No we cant. We can promote templates so they appear on the templates page but not to trending. Its rumored that Replit staff can but I don’t think it has ever been confirmed nor denied.


iirc hay confirmed that staff can in the friends of replit discord server @9pfs1

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So the trending page is super biased

Actually, as far as I know, it’s just an AI showcase.


:laughing: :rofl: :joy: :cold_face: Yeah I’m not sure if any else got the comedical undertone in your message, I can definetly understand where you’re coming from.

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