Make site mods mods on the ask forum

Can we make site mods mods on the ask forum? It’ll be effective as more people are coming on to the ask forum.

Lol I just talked about this with a site mod. We wont do that for 3 reasons

  1. We host with discourse so we only have a certain amount of staff (mod + admin) slots. Though we may start self hosting and we will find out in the next few days
  2. They don’t know any of the Ask specific policies except CodingCactus because they were TL3 at one point. It would just be better to promote TL4s and TL3s since they already know this stuff.
  3. We don’t need. One moderator is way more than enough for the work load we get. The number of flags and stuff can double and we would still be fine.

oh okay. just saying cause the site mods are quite effective, and as more users come on, it might be reccomended to do that.


Agreed. The amount of work compared to even just a month ago increased a lot. Even just looking at the number of flags and nothing else. Now like 13 of the flags today was me testing stuff.

Today Yesterday Last 7 days Last 30 days
17 8 24 136
Date Number of Flags
2-20-2023 8
2-10-2023 2
2-1-2023 4
1-20-2023 1

I cant speak about how effective they are since I didn’t even know what Repit was when Talk still existed or what tools they have. But thanks for being aware and wanting to make sure we don’t get over ran with work


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