Make Deployments free and AI paid

Why my code doesn’t run 24/7!

You must make the AI feature paid but the 24/7 feature not! I always see my node.js bot go offline! We don’t need useless AI feature we need 24/7 node.js!

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You gotta use Deployments…

Are you asking for free Deployments or how to run it 24/7?


I’m asking how to make my bot 24/7

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You either use Deployments or you rent a VM.

Deployments have their own pricing and if you hire the Core plan it comes with what you need.

If you want rent something out of Replit, usually I recommend SparkedHost since they have plans starting at 1 dollar per month and I’ve been using them for 8 months straight by now.

The thing is, usually Free-Hosting are never that good.


VPSServer if you have a credit card.

Heard is good too.

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@WindLother @Boston2029 I think @KehnanGorgonio’s suggestion is to make Deployments free and Replit AI paid instead of vice versa.

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That is what I changed the title of the topic to, so yes I know. We’re just suggesting the requirements for Deployments currently and alternatives.