Make an option to upload custom emotes to the chat in a repl

Tell us about your feature idea :

Hey people,

so as many of you know Replit is one of the best IDE’s when it comes to collaborative coding, and the chat is one of the most essential tools that are needed for communication when doing collaborative coding! To express feelings and make our messages more attractive we all use emojis, but imagine having custom emojis! That’s my idea about, an option to add custom emojis, that’d be so fun, it will not only make your chats funnier but also more interesting to look through. You might think why this isn’t also requested on threads, I think threads are more professional and that is why only default emojis should be used!

Why do you think it’s an important feature?

Emojis are a very important thing when it comes to talking. Sometimes when we can’t express our feeling we just use emojis! Emojis are the perfect thing to express feelings, not only that they also make the chat look cooler! It is important because it will engage the users to talk more through the chat since it will be much more comfortable than making a whole phrase.

Why is it helpful?

It doesn’t need to be looked at as a helpful feature, people might think it’s helpful, and others might think it’s not. Maybe for some group ages, it would be a fun feature and for others, it would not be a feature they might use. For those who think this feature is helpful it could be because you can express your feelings in a much easier way, but not only that, it reduces typing time. This means that more code is done!

Is it a feature for Hackers, free, teachers, or everyone?

This feature is initially for everyone, but personally, I think some restrictions should be made :

It’s free for everyone, but for free accounts, you can only add up to 50 free custom emojis!

For Hackers and Teachers you can add up to 200 free custom emojis!

You might think it’s not a great amount of free custom emojis for the free plan accounts, but imagine everything you can do with 50 emojis. You might be thinking why I said free, here is the reason:

You can add a custom emoji for just the price of 1 cycle per custom emoji added

When you want to add more than 50 (in case you are a free account) or more than 200 (in case you are Hacker or teacher) you need to cycles per added emoji. Every emoji will cost 1 cycle ($0.01) and after a month it will disappear if it’s not renovated.

Here comes the fun part! My idea is to make special offers to engage people to buy the option to add more emojis, here are the special offers :

Add up to 500Mb of custom emojis for 1000 cycles a month!

Add a custom emoji for 1 cycle a month

Add up to 100Mb of custom emojis for 250 cycles a month!

And you might be asking yourself how to engage the user to buy the option to add more custom emojis, well when the user reaches the limit every time he writes a message with and emoji on it a little reminder will tell him if he would like to purchase the option to add more custom emojis! Of course, the user can cancel this reminder so it doesn’t spam or it could just be shown once every 25 messages with emojis!

Any designs/prototypes you want to attach?

Yess, I’ve got a really nice design on a chat with me and Soren!
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I hope you like the idea :slight_smile:


Thanks for this super well-written feature request Hugo! This is not on our roadmap right now but will share with the team. No promises!


I oppose. This will allow people to spam emojis all the time.

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You can also do that with messages.