Make a template findable

Hi guys,

I created and published a template:

However, this template is not findable through template search or Create a Replit.

It does show up in the community templates search, however.

Are templates that show up in “Create a Replit” officially curated, and I shouldn’t expect my template to show up there?


Hey @hyperdiv welcome to the forums!

Templates aren’t reviewed by Staff or Moderators any more and therefore don’t show up on normal templates, they used to be that’s why some community ones can be found. But like you said if you want to find community made templates you can go here and input the Repl name and find it there. I hope this helps!


Yes, that is correct. However, you can force it to show up by putting the Repl ID in the URL:

  1. Get the Repl ID by running echo $REPL_ID in the Shell of the Repl and copying the output.
  2. Go to{repl-id} where {repl-id} is the ID you copied.

Makes sense. Thanks guys!

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