Make a package in repl

I have created a small package in python with all my favorite functions.
It is in a folder called myfunctions with the good and folder structure.

I would like to use it in other projects and to be able to install it through my git with a pip install git+ command.
I have tried to create a It seems to work, when I pip install it starts installing dependencies but after some times it complains about trying to install python-template.

I presume there is something wrong, my is on the root folder of my repl.

Does someone already managed to make a package on repl to be installed on another repl from GitHub ? Can you give me an example ?


could you send a repl link?

The file shouldn’t be in the root directory, but rather inside the myfunctions folder.

You can refer to this post on how to create a Python package:

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@fvillemin The reason it is installing python-templete is because of the pyproject.toml file.
Just to be safe, I use both and pyproject.toml. @Firepup650 gave me the contents of a good package’s pyproject.toml.
I made a package, view it here (for the pyproject etc):

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Thanks for your answers.
In fact it is really easy and I just had to change the Name in the pyproject.toml to avoid the error on python-template.

I don’t know if the is used but everything seems used from the pyproject.

Installation is done through pip install git+mygithub_project and it works great

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