Make a Extension which write codes

make a Extension which write codes

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You can edit files into your Repl using fs.writeFile().


Hello @notmoon29924 welcome to the forums!

There is an extension called Pikawriter. Press Ctrl + K while in your project. To access Pikawriter go to the Market. And search up Pikawriter, click on the result and go to your sidebar in the repl and click on Pikawriter. I hope you find this helpful! Have a great day :grinning: !


@notmoon29924 if you find any post here to help you fix your problem. You can mark it as the solution.

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Is someone like @not-ethan able to close this post? The person who asked this question has not been active for a while and has not responded to our comments. I believe that this should be closed because of this.

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