Major bug with typeing print command in python

whenever I want to use the print command I put the parentheses then I try to put the quotation marks but it doesn’t work for whatever reason

Hey @s119708 welcome to the forums!

What device and browser are you using?

i think its a Chromebook

Screenshot 2023-10-18 2.26.51 PM

Those dont appear to be the normal quotation marks. Can you try copying and pasting these?


sure thing but the odd part is that they were normal yesterday while I was working

the quotation marks you sent worked fine but I’m still confused about why my quotation marks are different from yesterday because they were normal yesterday

it seems to be a problem with my computer so I’m going to refresh it

sorry not refresh restart

nope that didn’t work

I do not know why. Possible something to do with the language set on your computer

well its worth a shot

nope language setting haven’t been altered

Screenshot 2023-10-18 2.47.27 PM

@s119708 Did it end up being a keyboard issue?

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