won't run

hi, i’m fairly new to python and replit, and i’m trying to make this small collection of games for an assignment. for some reason my is no longer running, as in whenever i press ‘run’ it just does nothing. i tried logging out and back in, as well as trying to run it while logged out, but nothing changed. Is there anything that needs fixing with my code?

Welcome to Ask! I think the problem is your usage of try/except. You probably have a bug in your code but because it’s under a try statement, it ignores the bug and moves on to the except statement, which just says pass so it does nothing. Try deleting try and except: pass (and then unindenting your code using Shift + Tab after highlighting it) and running your code to see what the error is.


Thank you so much! This fixed it. Also thank you for telling me about Shift + Tab, I’ve been doing every line manually this whole time. :sweat_smile:


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