file being deleted upon migration

Problem description:
The file from some of my old projects was deleted upon being migrated to the latest environment.

Expected behavior:
What should’ve happened was the Repl being upgraded like the other Repls with the code being retained and not deleted.

Actual behavior:
I got the message “We are upgrading your Repl to the latest environment”, and when the editor loaded, my original code was gone. There was no file. This only happened in some of my projects. Additionally, a .backup file was promised, but no .backup file was created. “Any overwritten files have been backed up to the same file name with a .backup suffix. If you have any questions, please use to get help.” Maybe this was because the file wasn’t overwritten but rather deleted.

Steps to reproduce:
Unsure which projects had to be migrated to the latest environment, but probably projects that are very old. I’m also not sure what the connection is between all of the projects with code that was deleted.

Bug appears at these links:
HandyHardtofindOolanguageEsther’sCode - Replit

Browser: Microsoft Edge
OS: Microsoft
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank):
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: Unsure
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Free

Welcome back @IsaacIsAwesome! I have notified a staff member about this issue.

@IsaacIsAwesome Staff have said that they are looking into it and will give an update when they can.


I created this repl a long time ago and when I revisited it today, it told me it will upgrade the infra and after it’s done, I don’t see the java file which is the which was supposed to there

Hi @shachopin , welcome to the forums!
Try making another file and see if the code returns. This will happen if the file is deleted.
Hope this helps!

I created it but it’s an empty There is no history data. What should I do next?

If you see .repl file you can clearly see there was a before created a year ago

Maybe try emailing

The same thing is happening to me @QwertyQwerty88 , many of my projects have lost their files. For example:

In fact, absolutely ALL of my old projects have lost data. See this folder with over 50 different repls:

Do we have any further information about the bug, and can we expect a resolution?


Folders only exist for you, we can’t see them.

I’m hoping Replit staff / engineers will be able to see them, since I can’t link 50 repls in here.

We’re looking into this. We’ll have more info next week as more of the team is back to work.