Made a payment and it's not recognized in my cycles balance

Hi everyone,
Hoping to get some help here. Today I made a $25 payment and it’s been deducted from my Transfer Wise, but not reflected within the Cycles Balance.

I already submitted a Billing ticket, however, I haven’t gotten any email from the team that it was being looked at, so I’m starting to get a bit concerned.

I’ve provided an attachment of the transaction ID as well.

Any support will be greatly appreciated.

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Is this as in, you spent 2500 cycles and took them without giving back, or spending 2500 cycles, getting the thing, and keeping the cycles?

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No, I spent $25 to get 2500 cycles, but my $25 are gone and I never received the cycles.

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In that case, try contacting support.

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@GiggaPoggers it seems they already did submit a support request.

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Hey @Franjey!

If you’ve already submitted a billing ticket, we’ll take a look there!

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