Love2d replit projects aren't running on my computer

Writes that my graphics card or video driver doesn’t support OpenGL 2.1 or OpenGL ES 2. How is it to solve as fast as possible and without changing graphics card?

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Your repls run on the cloud, not on your computer, so they won’t be able to access your graphics card or video card. You would have to run the program on your computer to make use of your graphics/video cards.


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Are you using the official Love2d Replit template?

There is only one Love2d Replit template.

No, there are multiple. The official one is the one that shows up when you go to create a Repl at or at, whereas unofficial ones show up at

Anyway, I’ve used the (official) template before and it worked fine. Have you edited anything in the Repl? Could you try making another?


So do you really think that upgrading hardware on my computer is of no use?

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No. If you are running this program on replit it won’t use your local hardware.

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Yes, I can make another, but problem is the same

Are you a member of Replit Core if you say Love2d projects run on your Replit without bugs? Because I’m not

I also have Love2d installed in my computer. But there is problem with it. It can’t find games on locations I’ve written, even though this Lua file and Love2d are in the same folder. Maybe you know how to solve this problem?

No, I’m on the free tier.

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