Lost Changes due to Different Accounts?

Hello, I recently lost a lot of progress on my project due to a login issue, and I would like the code to be rolled back.
I currently have 2 accounts, Account A and Account B.
My main project is located on Account A.
Account A is my main account, and Account B is my alt account.
I logged in on account B, and I visited my main project and was granted access.
Thinking that everything was in order, I took several hours and made a lot of changes. However replit kicked me out of account B and deleted all my changes located in my project. I no longer have access to these changes. The changes I made did not show up in the version history when I logged back in on Account A.
Is it still possible to recover my progress?

The reason that you were logged out is because Replit was testing security features.
Did you make sure that you had Wifi while you were editing on account B?


Yes, wifi was on while i was editing on account B.
I ran the replit several times while I had access on account B and it worked.

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I just want to ask, why do you need 2 accounts?

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