Lost all my code in replit

I used a course from Udemy to learn python and the instructor used replit to fork and continue my code. I have several topics like that and in did not touch for a month I guess and now I see I lost all my code in replit. can someone help me to restore all my code in replit. my email id that is used is <redacted>.

Hi @GovardhanaPerur

Can you confirm that the Replit account you were using for Udemy is https://replit.com/@GovardhanaPerur ?


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Thank you. All the Repls are there from a few months ago.

I’ll get in touch via DM to close off this topic as I think you might have logged in with the wrong account.

how do I access ? I am still unable to look all those ?

I have been in touch via DM.

You will need to log into the other account and change the email address associated with the account if you want to log in with your gmail. Or you can visit the Gkperuri page linked above and fork each of your repls into your new account.

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