Lost access to Replit account with Github login

Problem description:
Lost access to my Replit account with Github login.

Expected behavior:
Logging in with a specific Github account always logs in to the same Replit account.

Actual behavior:
Logging in with a Github account logs into a different Replit account after removing an old non-primary email address from the Github account.

Additional details:
This happened after I removed an old non-primary email address from my Github account*. When I log in with Github, it no longer logs into the original Replit account @albertwujj that it used to, but rather logs into @AlbertWu3 (this account). It seems that when you log in with a third-party account, Replit doesn’t directly use the account to identify you, but rather naively maps the account to a single email address.

*This email address was the one listed in @albertwujj Replit account settings - However, I never chose the email address in Replit (and it was not my GitHub primary email). I no longer have access to this email.

I did contact support, but as this is a bug with wide-reaching implications I thought to share it here.

Hey @AlbertWu3!

Are you having issues logging into Replit itself or logging into the https://ask.replit.com forum?