Losing GitHub Authentication

A few times today, my Repl isn’t recoginizing my Github account and I cant reconnect it. Ive had to fully uninstaill replit from Git, and vice verse. The only way to get it to come back is to regen my secret key, uninstall everything, log out of both and then log back in using git.

I keep having my api send 403’s to users for hours.

Hey @MarkZahm welcome to the forums!

This is likely related to the incident Replit had today https://status.replit.com/notices/3akewhnlhao0rfhg-unable-to-log-in-via-github

PHEW lets hope so. I was starting to get worried

Hey @MarkZahm!

We are recovering from the incident mentioned above. Are you still seeing issues?


So sorry I didn’t check back in this. I had it happen a couple more times. It’s whenever I try to push code to two different repos while one is running always on

Thanks! Are the two repositories on your GitHub account, or are you a collaborator for one of them? Also, is it that you can’t log in with GitHub when the issue happens, or can you not push any changes?