Looking for a new username

Hi guys, this post is just so people can see the usernames already suggested and there aren’t off-topic conversations.


Just wondering, do you destroy matts? (I already asked this on matrix, but you never responded)

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Yeah I saw you responded cos I got an email notification but I couldn’t open matrix at school so I didn’t see what you’d said. The answer is a no, I myself am a Matt. My username is actually the first name I used for Minecraft the first time I posted it when I was around 10 or 11… (Which is why I am currently actively looking for a new one…)

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Oh. Okay! It just seems slightly confusing.

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What about MattTheAsker?

Maybe… Doesn’t have to include Matt in it though, some of the others I was recommended include MattMatt, MattMattMatt, IronMatt, CoderMatt, etc (in the TL3 chat)

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Why not in a public chat?

It’s off-topic, here for example.

Could you do MatterialisticMatt?

What’s your favorite? (Also, would mattCreator work?)

That’s what I said! lol

I immediately thought of, ‘matt the bat’ just cuz it rhymes XD.

I already said this in the private chat but I had PikaBot give some ideas. Some of them are pretty good. (Link)
For some reason the further down the list you go the more violent they seem to get.

  • MattConqueror
  • TheMattinator
  • MattMighty
  • IronMatt
  • MattChampion
  • TheMightyMatt
  • MattVindicator
  • DESTROYERofWorlds
  • IronDestroyer
  • MattMarauder
  • DESTROYERofRealms
  • TheMattReaper
  • IronConqueror
  • MattCrusher
  • Mattinator
  • IronMatt
  • TheDestroyerOfCoding
  • CodeCrusher
  • CodingConqueror

Are you trying to steal some of my off site usernames? That’s kinda close

I don’t know any of your off-site usernames (or even if you have Replit alts). Also did you read this part?

I didn’t make these names; PikaBot, powered by chatGPT, made them.

Sorry. I usually don’t trust anything lol

I’ve actually been considering xora, xor being the bitwise operator and then the x being pronounced more like a z so it sounds like zora like the fish people in the The Legend of Zelda games

Maybe MattTheSilencerOfAdmins? That sounds like a good username. :wink:

I’m still going to call you MattMattMatt.

15 character limit.

Not sure these were suggested by sometimes movies gives nice ideas like TheEraser or matTERMINATOR or we go 0ld-geek-land like crtlSHIFTaltDEL, byteBASHER, mattTHEgeek …

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