Login problem, need to recover my account

After login with my GitHub accout I created a new account sandromiguel1 but my account username is sandromiguel.

I need to recober my account.

Hi @sandromiguel1 , welcome to the forums!
May I ask why you created a second account?
You can go to replit.com/forgot to do a password reset.

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Hi @NateDhaliwal ,
My intention was to log in, and I chose GitHub. From there, the new account was created automatically.

Hmm… that’s odd. Do youstill know the login details for your original account?
Why would Replit create a new account when you log in with a different method?

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I did not log in with a different method, I have always used GitHub as my login.
The only details that I know about my original account are my email and username.

Hi @sandromiguel1 !
You can go to replit.com/forgot to reset your password.
Hope this helps!

When I tried to recover my account through “Forgot password”, I logged in again to the account sandromiguel1.
In the meantime, I deleted the account sandromiguel1 and tried again. It says that the email was sent but I don’t receive any recovery email.
I have access to all of my repls at https://replit.com/@sandromiguel, so I’m thinking about quitting Replit and continuing with Codesandbox :frowning: