Login issues: invalid login details when they are actually correct

Bug information:
The url replit.com doesn’t redirect to replit.com/~ anymore, so I have to manually press Log In. Inconvenient but okay I guess.
Then, today, it won’t log in properly! My username doesn’t work (understood due to security reasons, saw the post on this) and when I change it to my email, it says ‘Invalid username or password’. What!? It’s correct and I haven’t changed anything! The only workaround is to login via Github. Very inconvenient!

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
replit.com / replit.com/~

This is also on the mobile web version, as well as the desktop web version.

Why can’t ireplit.com redirect to replit.com/~ and keep me logged in? Very infuriating.

I also got a message saying that I need to enter an email, not a username, but there were no such errors.

Hi @NateDhaliwal, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We have a fix in the works that should be live shortly, and you can monitor our status page for updates: https://status.replit.com

It sounds like you were able to log into your account with GitHub, but if others are reading this post, another workaround is to request a password reset.


I got that earlier too! I assumed I just couldn’t remember my password, so I reset it.

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Thanks, i’ll try that later today.
Will this be fixed so that I won’t need to reset it?