Login and sign up buttons on homepage produce similar results

Problem description: This is a very minor bug and doesn’t need to be fixed immediately. I just saw it as something weird that probably shouldn’t be happening. I was on the homepage (I was not logged in yet) and I clicked the login button, but it brought me to the what looked to be the sign up page.

The weird thing was, it wasn’t the sign up page. It looked exactly the same, except that the web address was the login web address.

Steps to reproduce: All you need to do is go to the login page while not signed in and click the login button.

Bug appears at this link: replit.com

Browser: Chrome
OS: ChromeOS
Device: Chromebook

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Hi @ResistingGuide41 , welcome to the forums!
Is it similar to this issue?

It’s not the same, but it is still a bug.
@ShaneAtReplit could you take a look?

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It seems to be around the same situation that I had.

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