LogicGate the manual encryption language

Well just a repost of this because the conversation below about hair loss is too messy for me
Also did some huge update during these days so yeah I think it worths a repost for that (hope not get reported as advertisement nor spam)

So this time in our LogicGate I added another module called LgEncrypt.py
I also spent a lot of time conversing with the former-owner of the LogicGate module on PyPi and learning how to use it , however Iā€™m kinda sure those who actually tried to pip install LogicGate will be mad of this hidden module lol

Except that it is on PyPi, we have an even more chaotic encryption method which requires an extra file as a key
All of them in LgEncrypt

For real during the development for this encryption inside encryption spent me a lot of time and made many extra functions on the original module just to match it, developing it was fun and I hope you guys can make them your own too! Also have fun trying to understand any of the chaotic word in lgeso files lol

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