Logging in to Replit from Ask brings you to Replit instead of Ask

Problem description:
When logging in to Replit via Replit Ask, it brings you to the main page instead of the forum.

Expected behavior:
It takes you to the forum.

Actual behavior:
Takes you to replit’s main page

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log out of Replit
  2. Log in through the forum

Bug appears at this link:
None needed

Any device will cause the issue


I cant repro this on Firefox developer edition, windows 11

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If you log out from both forum account and replit account and try again, issue happens

Ah I see I can repro that. This is due to not having a redirect. I have pinged the person that knows SSO so they can fix it.


Hey @T-for-Twofoursixeigh!

Thank you for reporting this. We will look into this!


I was able to reproduce this and have flagged this to the team!


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