Logging in issues firewalledreplit.com

Students can firewalled replit but can’t log into it in any way-including google


Hi @AmandaNguyen6 thank you for your post and welcome the community.

Can you provide more details please? Are they able to log into the regular replit.com site?


I would assume she meant something along the lines of “The students can open firewalled Replit but not log in to it in any way, including Google”
@AmandaNguyen6, can your students create accounts on firewalled replit? Maybe this can help solve the problem.

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My problem is similar I believe. If a students has already logged in on firewalledreplit but move to another computer to login, they get blocked by the firewall. Looks like app.launcharkly.com is blocked. This site was not listed as sites to be enabled.
if they do not have to log in they are fine.

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That link you posted threw an error on my (unblocked) computer. Does it give you a standard Google error or a specialized firewall one?

Pretty sure that the link was a typo. Perhaps it was app.launchdarkly.com?

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My students can’t login via firewalledreplit using Google SSO as well.
However they can login to regular Replit using Google SSO.

When they try firewalledreplit, they get an error message at the bottom of the browser window saying unauthorized. Here is an example using Chrome on Mac OS Ventura ReplitError.mov - Google Drive

In Chrome’s Developer Tools Console, they get the following error message …

"Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DOMWindow’: The target origin provided (‘REPLIT URL HERE’) does not match the recipient window’s origin (’ FIREWALLED REPLIT URL HERE’).

(anonymous) @ /auth/close:7"

  • I had to remove the https from the error message due to new forum members only being allowed to post two links

It looks like firewalledreplit.com isn’t on our google auth application’s whitelist. I’ll escalate this, thanks for reporting.


Would you mind telling me when you started running into this issue?

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I’m having the same issue. It started last week.

We are tracking this incident here: https://status.replit.com/


Confirmed that Google Login issue is now fixed. Thank you everyone for your help.

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