Log out by Apple

Problem description:
You’ll log out in Replit app by following this steps.

Expected behavior:
It have to do nothing.

Actual behavior:
It log you out.

Steps to reproduce:

To reproduce the error, go to the Connected Accounts menu, select Apple and try to link it by fingerprint from the restricted account. A notification appears indicating that this account cannot be logged into Replit, if you take a screenshot at this point with a swipe from bottom left to right and then save this screenshot (this is important) you will log out of the account and the app will break if you log back in until you re-join it.

Bug appears at this link:
Nothing here, I just don’t want, what do I have to write here.

iOS 16.5, IPad, last Replit version.

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@BogdanMerlikov the Bug appears at this link: is asking what website did this problem happen at, for example this website right here.

@BogdanMerlikov do you have anything installed like: extensions or blockers of sorts that could do something to your problem?

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My work company’s manager profile is installed on my iPad, restricting this connection. I have already contacted our support for these, but logging out of the account in this situation is nothing less than a bug.

If you want, I can send you a photo of windows with this problem tomorrow.

That would help me figure it out.

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There it is:
(Just follow my instruction described in the top and when you’ll get this screen, do a screenshot by swipe(its important).

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I checked and it works even just by clicking on the “OK” button, you log out from the application.

Would you mind sending me a screen recording of this so I can take a look?

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Okay, I’ll do it soon.

There it is:

(This link will be expired in 2 days)

Thank you, I’ll escalate this to the mobile team.


How is the resolution of this problem going?