Log In button leads to a multiplayer invite

Problem description:
On Ask (that’s this forum), the Login button leads to a multiplayer repl invite. The repl is at https://replit.com/@AtinukeAdelani/FragrantFrankQuote#main.py.

Expected behavior:
To take me into a log in page that redirects me to Ask upon completion.

Actual behavior:
It goes to a login page for a multiplayer invite login. Upon completion, it redirects to the repl.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use a browser (using Chrome).
  2. Remove all cookies and cache on Ask + the main site.
  3. Refresh and click the Log In Button.
  4. Log in to replit.com.
  5. Gain edit access to the repl.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser: Google Chrome
OS: Android 13
Device (Android, iOS, n/a leave blank): Android (Google Pixel)
Plan (Free, Hacker, Pro Plan): Free


So… someone hacked Ask?
Or is it a mistake by an admin?

I don’t know.

What’s even weirder is that when I logged out and pressed the Reply button to reply to your comment, it took me to stripe after logging in.

Yes. The transaction application. And I am dumbfounded.

This is very strange. Maybe… why did the links get mixed up?
cc: @not-ethan

Wow. I didn’t even know that was possible with Discourse.

I didnt log in with an alt that I banned for testing at first

I cant repro this on FF dev edition 117.0b9 (64-bit) or Chrome 115.0.5790.173 (Official Build) (64-bit) on windows 11

You can redirect to any URL with Discourse connect (SSO made by discourse)

I have pinged staff that knows about SSO to investiage.


This could be because the old anonymous repls that still exist, if you go to any repl such as replit.com/asd it redirects to an old anon repl


Those should probably be removed lol


Hey @NoNameByProgram!

I am not able to reproduce this. Could you send me a screen recording of the steps you took to reproduce the issue so I can get a better idea of the issue?