Log broken in node.js

Problem description

Using a single console.log in Node.js makes the log not show up. If you were to use more than one console.log then it would work fine

Expected behavior

console.log(“foo”) should log “foo” to the console

Actual behavior

console.log(“foo”) does not log “foo” to the console

Steps to reproduce

  • make a node.js replit
    -type console.log(“foo”) or console.error(“foo”)
    -click the run button





Device if mobile



free tier

Couldn’t replicate problem just logged foo to console however I am running windows

strange, it might just be a chromeOS thing then

@usernotfound8 Could you try zooming in and out and see if that fixes the issue?

It shows if I’m zoomed out or in. For some reason it doesn’t show only at 100% zoom.

Now its not showing at all, it only shows while the zoom is switching. None of the zooms make it stay shown

I’m not sure why. It seems this is a issue with Replit currently.

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Is this a known issue :question:

@usernotfound8, are you perhaps using a zoom tool on your browser? That has been seeming to break logs recently.

@Firepup650 yes but even before I did you couldn’t see it in the normal zoom

Might I ask, if you do two logs back to back (or a log with a \n in it), does anything show up?

Yes, it shows with two logs and one log with a newline

Odd. If you play around with zomming in/out, does the single log ever show up? If so, what zoom shows it?

Yes, it always shows at 400% zoom and it only shows at 300% zoom when you are zooming out not zooming in.

also, it works perfectly fine if you run it in the shell
Screenshot 2024-04-14 14.06.38

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