Local files/directories β†’ working offline & privately

It would be great to also use replit as a code editor for local files

This is not possible as Replit runs in your browser. Browsers do not have any access to local files, except through user input, which still does not allow direct access.

It has sense, vs code on the browser is not the best option for example :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by this?

Sometimes I try to use vscode online (because I write code on my iPad), and I really prefer other alternatives such as replit (online) or vim (locally).

Actually, it is possible for a website to edit local files on the user’s computer. See this text editor for an example, it can read and write to files on your computer with a popup asking for permission.

Interesting, I did not know this was possible, I stand corrected, however, I think that API would be impractical to use in a context like this since every time you reopen/refresh the tab, you would have to open each file you want to edit every time.


You could open a folder. But, it would be a nice feature to have I think.

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