Loading Replit code onto a Lego EV3 using USB with a Chromebook

I’m coaching several middle school robotics teams using LEGO EV3 robots, microPython, and Visual Studio Code. I’m unable to make microPython run on the kids school Chromebooks because to run VS Code we need to enable Linux, something the school is afraid of. It looks like Replit might work but I don’t see any way to download the code from the Chromebook to the EV3 using the normal USB interface. Has anyone solved this problem?

Hey, @mhoeffler welcome to the forums.

Since I never programmed an EV3 or any lego robot for that matter in Python I don’t know if this will work. In the Replit editor go to the nav bar with the files for the repl. Then go to the 3 dots at the topic and press Download as zip.

Then the all the code will be downloaded and you just need to unzip it. Then you may be able to download it to the EV3.

Thanks Ethan, I’ll give it a try. Then I’ll need to find a way to get the downloaded code to the robot. Normally it’s handled by an extension to VS Code that sends it to the EV3 using SSL over a USB port.

Hello @mhoeffler By my understanding you can stimulate python program to some extent like you want it to work with ev3 but uploading code directly from replit is not possible for now.

You can download zip extract it take which file you want paste it in ev3’s provided software to upload it in ev3.

The reason it won’t let you upload directly from replit is firstly there is no option in replit interface. Second even if we tweak someway there are no drivers to act as bridge between 2 two different hardware devices.

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OK, I now understand. Thanks for making it clear.