Load Errors after clicking Create Button

Problem description: Error after clicking Create button.

Keep gettting SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data clicking the Create button. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how did you solve it?

Expected behavior:

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


if it says syntax error its not a bug

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Can you link the repl… And as @PrestonCurtis1 said, it’s a syntax error.


Maybe they meant that the error is on the Replit website in DevTools.

In that case they should provide a screenshot.

I’ll try to access it and look into it.

Seems like more bugs are coming up

See https://reactjs.org/link/invalid-hook-call for tips about how to debug and fix these problems.

TypeError: se.sub is not a functionhttps://b8315f2d-f1ff-4c4a-bb4a-582169e66d78.id.repl.co/__replco/static/devtools/devtools-react.js:42

TypeError: dispatcher is nullwebpack-internal:///./node_modules/react/cjs/react.development.js:1623

Don’t understand why I have to fix these bugs?

Shouldn’t the AI be programmed to automatically fix these bugs in the system?