Literally nothing works

Problem description

every single time I am trying to get ai to write a code starter for a game or website it just suddenly breaks, nothing works, WebView doesn’t work, and running doesn’t even work. I have tried everything and I cant click anything…

Expected behavior

it is meant to generate code and run regularly.

Actual behavior

instead it buffers and stops everything and I mean everything, I have to refresh to basically leave.

Steps to reproduce

pull up the ai code generator and put in any prompt, this one seems to be the one that broke it “make a game about slapping a Fumo plush with a hand sprite and animation alongside a Fumo plush sprite. your press I to trigger the animation”





Device if mobile

I use chromebook



Please upload screenshots

you may have ran out of usage for the ai codewriter. Its on a weekly reset, so if you have, its nothing to worry about.

Just to add on, you should try learning the code yourself because you don’t want AI to do everything for u

As a side note here, I don’t think there AI quota really matters, because they say asking the AI freezes the whole page: