Links To Projects Randomly Break

Problem description:
Sometimes when I try to click the link to a project in the community project stream or somebody’s profile it won’t work and acts like there isn’t in a <a> tag

Expected behavior:
The links working

Actual behavior:
The links not working

Steps to reproduce:
It seems to be completely random sometimes I can refresh the page and it will fix while sometimes refreshing doesn’t change it

Bug appears at this link:
and random users

Google Chrome / MacOS / Monterey Mac Version 12.6.2 Early 2016

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Hey @ParanormalCoder!

I am not able to reproduce this. Can you try using a different browser or try using private/incognito mode to see if a browser extension might be interfering with Replit?

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I don’t have any browser extensions, I haven’t seen the glitch in a couple of days it seems to be gone now

happens to me sometimes