Links are broken after I change username

Hi, I changed my username just now. From chenhungyi to anygpt, but all links below are broken. Anyone can help? (it worked, but not works anymore) (it not works )

Hello @ChenHungyi, and welcome to the Replit Ask community!
This is a problem with the TLS certificate, and not with your username changing.

When I go to the link with anygpt, it doesn’t work. However, switching over to http://, it works. This is because the TLS cert is required to establish a secure connection between the client and the server/page.

This has been known problem for a while, and multiple posts (like this or this).

I’d reccomend you to instead create a new ask post in #help with the topic of the TLS cert instead of the links being broken after the username change.

Hope this helps! :smiley:

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Maybe create a team with your old username, then make repls with websites that redirect to your new username’s websites.