Linking Domains with Google Domains

I’ve seen this post here but i’m still unable to understand how I would link a subdomain from Google Domains. Using the TLD works but any subdomain I’m using is stuck in the verification process. Is there a way to get it working? Or is this something that Replit is currently working on?

Hey @CadenChau!

It looks like your domain is missing a TXT record, which is why the domain is failing to verify.

Creating a TXT domain overwrites my CNAME in Google Domains and the domain is stuck verifying still. Are the two records supposed to co-exist with each other?

Yes, as per the update linked below, we require a TXT record in order to verify a domain. If you are using a DNS service that doesn’t allow a CNAME and TXT to coexist, we recommend using CloudFlare instead as it does not have issues with using a CNAME + TXT record.

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