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I promise I searched but I’m unable to find instructions on how to link from one page to another in a tutorial. Essentially if I have a “page” and I want to link to a “page” with a hypertext link, I can’t seem to figure out how to get that to work. No matter what I put in the markdown link syntax, it doesn’t navigate inside the tutorial. I feel like either I’m doing something incorrectly or it’s not currently possible and students have to use the TOC or link at the bottom to cycle through the pages?

Any help is appreciated!

If they are in the same folder in page you can do something like this.

[some text](./page

Its a relative link that links to the file named page in the same folder.

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Nope, that opens the code of page in the code window. It doesn’t move to page 3 in the tutorial panel.

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Hi @MrBrash the system only allows you to move left and right through the tutorial pane at the moment although I know that other features are in the pipeline - no idea when they will be released at the moment.

The .tutorial folder markdown files are displayed in alphabetic/numeric order e.g. before etc.

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