Link for students to join team not working

“Something went wrong” and it gets stuck on this - Is OK for lots of other students who used the same link

Then, your internet is low, your link has changed or there is a another DNS problem in replit.

Something went wrong is a 5xx error which means that replit had problems processing your request (5xx error codes are for server errors). This could mean that your student’s accounts have been overloaded, that is, they sent too many requests at the same time. However, I highly doubt that, and I don’t think it’s about internet since it seems that all students are using the same internet. Thus, I would require more information to help you

I create the Team, copy the “invite members link” and send to students who then authenticate with Google and are OK after they click their name, but some get the “something went wrong” message after they click their name?

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