Link domain failed

hey hey
I asked around a bit, googled and did a few other things to connect my domain with my project,

The help I got said a "pencil symbol next to the web view) unfortunately this pencil doesn’t exist there for me, and I don’t know how to do it otherwise

hoping for help
MFG Lena

:wave: Welcome @GhostLuna!

You will have to deploy your Repl. Here is a guide that shows how to connect a custom domain to a deployed Repl:


Uploading: image.png…
Unfortunately I can’t get into this menu and everything you have, is there any instructions for this?

Could you try reuploading the image? It seems that you posted before it could fully load.

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ohh sry, here is the image again

You’ll need to, as it says, upgrade your plan and/or add a payment method to your account.

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